Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Unrighteous dominion - the Colonel and the Pacifist

"We have learned by sad experience that it is the nature and disposition of almost all men, as soon as they get a little authority, as they suppose, they will immediately begin to exercise unrighteous dominion." This phrase is familiar with some people, but not all. Most members of the LDS faith know it by heart.

For those outside of the LDS faith, they have probably not heard it quoted verbatim, as I did for many years, but just as I did, living behind the Zion Curtain, they know it when they see it.

A certain councilwoman used it to strongarm her way into getting a loan from the City of Salt Lake to help out her floundering business - or is that conflict of interest?

Idi Amin used it to get rid of countless staffers in the planning division - who knows how much money was spent trying to figure out why there was such apathy and despair in that division under his leadership. Funny how that works - he did such an awful job there, he got promoted. Last I heard, the new mayor thinks he is so great and such an integral part of the city, he should remain.

The Colonel used it to strongarm me into coming back to work full time in October of 2006, even AFTER my doctor had stated unequivocally that I needed to come back to work part time, as I had historically done, to adjust to the hectic work schedule after yet another hospitilazation to control and regulate my medications for Bi-Polar. I gave up - I tried to get a meeting with Rocky to let him know what had happened - he knew I was in trouble - he even asked me if I was ok - he could see it in my face. I told him I wasn't, and should not have come back to work yet. He told me to make an appointment with his assistant - the 7th - 20th, I don't know - I remember her name was Wendy. She did finally return my call when it was too late. I had disappeared from work and not called in. How could I call in to work when I had a boss bearing down on me, exercising unrighteous dominion? I had read the bright yellow handbook on disability and FMLA - Rocky wrote it in his first year of office - I wish people would stop saying he was such a terrible mayor - domestic partner benefits, Main Street, Kyoto protocol, etc, etc, etc. His vision and passion was much-needed and not appreciated by many.

Dani Eyer heard my tearful story and told me to sue the city. How could I do that? Sue the SLC Corporation, even Ross C. Rocky Anderson, my mentor and idol, the great champion of civil liberties - he who had written a book expressly for such cases as this - I wanted to be reassigned - it was my right. I applied for a job - the assistant Chief of Police told me that he could not hire me - it would have been a perfect fit - The Chief of Staff had told him I had been fired. Not quite the same as being made to quit under great duress. I suppose that is what comes of having a limited education. Scary to think that this man is now the HR Director. God only knows what will happen under his watch.

I sent a thank you note to the Colonel and the Princess - my former supervisors - I enclosed some information from WebMD for their edification. I hoped that it would help them to understand, and give grace to the next person they might have to supervise with this extremely difficult illness.

Then again, the Colonel's sister was bi-polar. He knows all about it.......or does he?

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