Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Edwards won't rule out another VP run

According to my ISP's news page this afternoon, it seems that John Edwards is on Obama's short list, along with Governor Bill Richards to name a few.

How does one pick a running mate? I don't envy Obama's senior staffers and advisors. Having served as a political appointee for over 5 years and worked on as many campaigns, I learned firsthand that politics are not for the fainthearted.

John Edwards brings his legal experience and Senator experience, and can help deliver the voters from the south to Obama - maybe even some of Hillary Clinton's disenfranchised and disenchanted supporters. Bill Richards brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, including serving as a Governor and UN ambassador - did I mention that both men are extremely handsome? I digress. Back to serious business. Will this election come down to race? John Edwards is white and can deliver white middle class voters, Bill Richards is Latino and can deliver Latino voters. Are we still not quite beyond voting for or liking a person because of the color of their skin? Did Dr. King, John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy, Malcolm X and others really die in vain? I hope that the voters will prove me wrong in November.

The key to Obama winning will rest heavily on who he picks for a running mate - it is clear that he needs to win over the white middle class voters. They are the staunchest Hillary supporters and have indicated that they might just stay home in the fall.

As I watch McCain's campaign implode from afar, I wonder whether he will have the sense to pick Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney's business acumen would not allow for the nonsense that has been playing out in recent days in the McCain camp. He can also deliver the ultra right wing Christian conservatives to McCain.

This is the most exciting election cycle I have ever witnessed.

I anxiously await the outcome.

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