Thursday, July 10, 2008

Jackson Sorry for 'Crude' Obama Remarks

So, Reverend (and I use his title regretfully, I admit) Jesse Jackson is "sorry" for the crude remarks made about Presidential nominee, Senator Obama. He is sorry alright - sorry he was caught offguard.

There are conversations that we should, if at all, have in a coffee shop, around friends, and in the privacy of our homes, but Jesse Jackson's years in the spotlight should have elucidated to him that tact and diplomacy are of paramount importance.

In years gone by, Jesse Jackson was a man of whom I thought highly. Unfortunately, when he made the "sorry" mistake of having an adulterous affair and producing an illegitimate child to the tune of some $10,000 a month in child support - he lost his allure.

He criticizes Senator Obama for not speaking out enough on black issues. We all know that our prisons are overcrowded - what is Jesse Jackson doing about this? Is his Rainbow Coalition meeting with the US Conference of Mayors to address the latest news out of Philadelphia. The Mayor there (I don't know what color his skin, nor is that germane to how well he does his job) has worked with business owners to provide tax incentives to those who hire convicted former prisoners.

Jesse Jackson protesteth too loudly - he is sorry his remarks were caught on mic, not sorry that he said them.

On that note - what has senator McCain said on his campaign trail about morality issues?

Who said that this race is not about race?

Let Senator Obama do what he does best - work on issues close to him and the hearts of the American people. This mess did not happen overnight - it will take him a long time to address the social needs of ALL of America.

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