Monday, July 21, 2008

Olympic games rewind

Let us turn back the clock to the winter of 2002. The Winter Olympic Games were scheduled to come to the mountains of the Great Salt Lake City. Unfortunately, the mountains were nowhere to be seen. They were hidden - not by an inversion - a naturally occurring phenomenon whereby warm air traps cold air and creates a layer of white "fog-like" covering of the mountains and valley, but by - gasp! Smog. Yes, the dirty secret was out - the great Salt Lake Valley has some of the worst air quality in the nation - second only to L.A. on any given "smog/inversion" day. The folks at Utah Department of Transportation sent out an edict - residents were to get their vehicles off the road and carpool whenever possible, so that our friends would be welcomed by the vistas, not the "inversion." Within days, the smog had lifted, due exclusively to there being fewer cars on the road. At my local LDS Church later that week, a woman remarked that God had surely wanted the Olympics in Utah as he alone had cleared the skies. I retorted that the lesser amount of cars on the highway must surely have more to do with it.

And now China is forcing their cars off their roads - it seems they have the same problem - smog! How ironic that this great and yet overpopulated nation has allowed their athletes to train exclusively behind the Zion Curtain - that's Utah to the rest of the world - or at BYU Hawaii. The LDS Church had to promise not to preach their gospel and their PR folks came up with badges for their staffers to wear- "Friends to all nations" - against the backdrop of an LDS temple. The Mormons, it would seem have much in common with the theocracy they practice in Utah and the communism that is practiced in China.


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