Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sizzling hot men at Wimbledon

Bjorn Bjorg first caught my attention as a teenager with raging hormones decades ago. I saw him sitting in the stands at Wimbledon yesterday and my heart started racing. God, he looks good. And I do mean "Good" - with a capital "g". Jimmy Connors is still handsome and aging well.

Nadal and Federer are still playing the final match today - jolly old England has experienced some rain today which is causing the delay. Talk about hot! Mui caliente! I almost need a fan to watch these guys in action.

The commentators with specific attention to John MacEnroe have aged well also. A girl feels like she has died and gone to heaven for two weeks of men in white outfits, their muscles flexing and their shirts flying up during serves and volleys to reveal chiseled abs.

Why is it that I love Wimbledon so much again? The men, of course. The tennis is secondary, my dear readers.....

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