Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Williams Sisters - a dream come true

I just finished watching parts of an amazing tennis match. The Williams sisters met in the Wimbledon finals this morning. Venus bested her sister and won handily, but the game was thrilling.

Wimbledon was a staple in our family's life growing up in London - there was football (soccer), tennis and cricket. We spent hours glued to the TV, rooting for Bjorn Bjorg, Martina Navratilova, Chris Evert and others. We watched John MacEnroe yell at umpires, while trying to gain a point against the venerable Jimmy Connors. I watched Boris Becker play years later in Germany when my allegiance switched to continental European players. Now that I live in America, I confess - I root for American players.

Some 20 years later, I still watch though with not as much interest as I used to have.

I suppose I have learned to take for granted that the women such as Chris, Martina and Billie Jean paved the way for Venus and Serena to be playing. That is of course, after Arthur Ashe shattered the color barrier at the all white, all England tennis club.

Venus won today, and she hopes to win the doubles final so that her sister, Serena can have a trophy as well. Their father did not watch the match - it is said that he cannot bear to watch the sisters compete against each other. This is a tad surprising, as I recall reading of the sisters years ago - they were homeschooled, kept away from outward influences and reared in a strict but loving home with their parents. They did not go out into the tournament world until their dad, their coach as well - thought they were ready.

I never dreamed that I would see such diversity in this sport that I love.

Thanks to the sisters for giving us a great match today.

Often people ask my why I choose to live in America vs. England - a country that I love dearly - the answer is quite simple: Only in America is the dream of the Williams sisters possible, and Barack, and Tiger.......need I say more?

Enjoy the weekend. I hear there are a couple of sexy men playing in the finals tomorrow. I will probably be glued to that match too - for different reasons. Hey, I am all girl - what can I say?

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