Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Adultery in the light of John Edward's admission of guilt

Statistics indicate that about 60% of men and 40% of women will have an affair at some point in their marriage. Additionally, 45-55% of women and 50-60% of men will commit adultery at some time in their lives.

Why do we expect so much more from our elected officials, even something that we cannot do ourselves? They are not our spiritual advisers - they are not our moral compass - they are simply our peers - elected to lead us because we the people have chosen them to do so.

Was John Edwards wrong? Absolutely! Was his timing positively lousy? Unequivocally! Should we crucify him and hang his entire political career out to dry because of his indiscretions? I think not!

I cannot begin to imagine the tears shed together by he and his wife, Elizabeth as they came to grips to this bombshell and what it could potentially do to their marriage. They obviously worked it out and decided to stay married - what business is it of ours to demand his head?

Leave him alone - we all live in glass houses after all, don't we?

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