Sunday, September 14, 2008

Greenspan says McCain tax cuts bad idea

WASHINGTON (Sept. 13) - Alan Greenspan says the country can't afford tax cuts of the magnitude proposed by Republican presidential contender John McCain — at least not without a corresponding reduction in government spending.
"Unless we cut spending, no," the former Federal Reserve chairman said Friday when asked about McCain's proposed tax cuts, pegged in some estimates at $3.3 trillion.

This story was posted on Saturday on the AP - I confess, I was preoccupied and did not read it until today, hence the late posting.

Based on that story - 58,722 people were polled and of those, 54% trust Obama more to manage the economy versus 46% who trust McCain. 55,642 people were polled and of those, 55% gave a thumbs down to McCain's tax cut plan and 36% gave a thumbs up to Obama's plan.

Which polls are people reading again?

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