Friday, September 19, 2008

Is first dude (Todd Palin) a "shadow" governor?

"Todd and Sarah met in high school at a basketball game and eloped in 1988, six years after graduation. Todd grew up in Alaska and is part Eskimo. He's an avid outdoorsman and champion of the Iron Dog snowmobile race."

According to a story on AOL today, "He's worked in Alaska's oil industry and as a fisherman. But in recent times, he's had another role. Some call him the "Shadow Governor."

In government circles and among the family's acquaintances, Todd Palin is known as his wife's greatest adviser and most loyal protector. One family friend said, "Todd is incredibly supportive and is willing to do whatever it takes to help Sarah."

Todd may appear quiet, almost shy, but he's made quite an impression on his wife's running mate, Sen. John McCain. On the campaign trail this month in Lancaster, Pa., McCain said, "He's not afraid of Washington, D.C.! He can take them on!"

Alaskans interviewed by CNN say Todd Palin has plenty of influence.
He's not on the state payroll, but lawmakers say he is a central figure in his wife's policy agenda."
There is a delicate balance to be found in power couples. Todd and Sarah exude power and they are clearly a good match, in love with each other and dedicated to a strong marriage. There is the yin and yang, the give and take, the coming together for shared interests, and the going away to pursue separate interests.

Earlier this week, Mr. Palin declared emphatically that he would not be able to testify in the "troopergate" investigation as he is scheduled for heavy travel with his wife on the campaign trail. Is he so intricately connected to her that he cannot leave for a few days to testify in a highly publicized campaign in order to clear his wife of misdoings? Maybe he is really a shadow governor and the American public deserves to know the exact nature of his dealings with the Alaska government before electing Ms. Palin to the highest office ever held by a woman in the land.


Namų Darkytoja said...

Sarah Palin is examined with a magnifier, from all viewpoints possible, these days. Her husband, Todd Palin, is a key man in her life. But what's his role in her job? Is he left outside her office business, or, conversely, he has a very important impact on everything Mrs Palin decides?
It is absolutely understandable, that a husband of Sarah is supportive and helping. It is even OK, if Todd is Sarah's protector and adviser.
However, it is odd, that a husband is copied on official mail from Governor's office. It is also less understandable, that Todd attends Sarah's meetings with officials, lawmakers or corporate leaders. Because of these kinks, Alaskans do not doubt long ago, that Todd has a significant influence on Sarah's decisions -

Annette James Daley said...

Namy - thanks so much for being the first to actually post a comment on my blog. How exciting. I was not aware that Mr. Palin is cc'd on official email - this is very disturbing - if you can cite your source, I would gladly blog about it tomorrow.