Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Palin is meeting with world leaders - sorry folks - no questions this time.....

Ms. Palin is meeting with world leaders, even as I write this. She is meeting with Hamid Karzai first and then an additional 8 leaders. She will do photo ops in a pair of her several hundred dollar spectacles (she has seven, I read somewhere) and designer suit with the winning smile, but will take no questions from reporters. Just how much money does a governor make these days anyway? Speaking of governors, who is running Alaska with her and Todd on the road?

No questions from reporters. Yes, you heard it correctly. It would appear that while Ms. Palin is eminently qualified to handle foreign affairs, yet just got her first passport at the age of 44, she will do photo ops, smile graciously, talk small talk (one has to assume that is all it is, if no questions are allowed) - and yet she will take no questions. I thought she was the media darling - this amazing woman who was/is the commander in chief of the Alaskan military, lives near Russia and is fit to serve as second in command succeeding the president, should, God forbid, his health fail.

I think we should all be worried - very worried.

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