Saturday, September 13, 2008

A tale of two hurricanes - Katrina and Ike

Hurricane Katrina is the absolute worst hurricane seen ever in this country. President Bush's FEMA director "Brownie" was not doing "a heck of a job" - he was, in fact, doing an awful job. While President Bush's mother, Barbara, felt that residents of New Orleans and its environs living in the Astrodome was "working out quite well for them", considering......I wonder how they feel now that the shoe is on the proverbial other foot.

FEMA is on hand with millions of supplies this time around. Amazing what a difference a few years and the home state of the President at stake make........

I know that many other private relief organizations came to the aid of Louisiana residents, and will do the very same thing with Texas residents in upcoming weeks. Of note is the amazing Bishop's storehouse organized under the careful leadership of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. These cavernous warehouses store everything from 72 hour emergency kits, to diapers, to food and other necessities. They care not the religion or personal beliefs of those they help - they just do what needs to be done because it is the humanitarian/Christlike thing to do. I have seen the LDS Church in action many times - their compassion and organization are what endeared me to the organization for over two decades of my life. While I have since moved on, I admire and respect the church for its efforts.

Let us all pray for the residents of Texas and hope that since it is, after all, the great state of Texas, home of our President - there will be no foulups this time around......

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