Monday, September 22, 2008

A tale of two men

According to the Washington Post's Dan Blaze today, the following is a report of reactions by McCain and Obama during last week's financial debacle.

"McCain became the angry populist, railing against greed on Wall Street and calling for heads to roll in Washington -- or at least one head, that of SEC Chairman Chris Cox. McCain's critics pounced on him for rash behavior while supporters described him as strong and decisive.

Obama adopted a different approach. According to one of his economic advisers, Obama delayed issuing a rescue plan of his own at the request of Paulson. He held a highly visible meeting with a battery of economic advisers, but over the weekend he was restrained in either fully endorsing or criticizing what the administration was doing. His critics called him tentative, indecisive and political. His supporters said he showed calm and good judgment."

These are difficult times for the nation, and indeed the world. What the American people needs to be asking is who they trust to prevail in times of difficulty.

I am presently reading "What Happened" - the Scott McClellan book. It is an amazing tale of the White House years under George W. Bush. I have read that it will take the next president at least the first year of their presidency to get a handle on all that has transpired, economically, militarily, domestically and abroad. Methinks it will take a very strong leader a first term, perhaps a second term to turn this boat around.

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