Friday, September 19, 2008

The Wall Street mess - AIG and what the heck is happening out there, friends?

I have not posted for a couple of days. That usually indicates that I am preoccupied, or too depressed to write about what is happening in our world.

I have struggled and wrestled with the information floating out there, and am not thoroughly convinced that I want my taxpayer dollars financing these huge bailouts. Where are the people who should have been guarding their proverbial ships before their Titanics ran aground, the icebergs in clear sight for a long time. Why did the President not think that the American people deserved more than a two minute patronizing talk about this important topic?

Recently, I was speaking to a new friend about politics and the financial mess, and his words chilled me. He is a director at Credit Suisse and told me something that I was not aware of. He spoke of McCain's affiliation to the Keating 5 and the massive S&L bailout. McCain is familiar with bailouts. He claims to be a maverick and an agent of change, but he is someone who voted 90% of the time WITH President Bush - how maverick is that, exactly? Our conversation vis-a-vis McCain appeared in an Op-Ed piece in the Washington Post not two days later - talk about ironic!

Would that he had picked Mitt Romney - he would know exactly how to handle this mess. Word is, Mitt is being considered for a cabinet position - surprisingly, he is not interested. Methinks a new SEC Chair is on the horizon.

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