Monday, December 29, 2008

Gaza uprising

I am heartsick over recent events in Gaza. The fragile Egyptian-brokered ceasefire ended on December 19th officially, though according to news reports, things had been escalating with Hamas and Israelis long before that.

There are at last count some 300 dead and over 600 wounded according to news reports. The UN Security Council has condemned the airstrikes and attacks and has called for a ceasefire - others are following suit. The UN has declared humanitarian efforts a disaster. What a sad thing to have to admit.

I watched the first CNN news report covering the story on the plane into JFK on the way home from Chicago. I was struck by the gruesomeness of the footage. Surely it is not necessary to show bodies oozing blood as they lay dead in the streets. We have all witnessed enough carnage in recent years to last a lifetime. Do we really need to glorify death?

The children and innocent victims are in my thoughts and prayers. Accordingly to Israeli spokespersons, Hamas was warned of airstrikes beforehand and all not affliated with them were told to evacuate. This is not good enough. If they had time enough to warn, could they not have sat down to broker another peace agreement together? This time, one that both sides could uphold?

I realize that my knowledge of this conflict is cursory at best, but I have been watching and reading the news reports on same for decades and I am getting weary of it, really weary.

Madame Secretary Clinton has her work cut out for her. Who knows, perhaps Bill will come in handy after all.

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