Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hell no, he won't go!

Forgive the expletive, but I am fast running out of patience with that renegade faux Governor of Illinois. He is like an out-of-control three year old or teenager - take your pick. He is on restriction and cannot seem to comprehend the fact that there are limitations placed on one when one breaks certain rules. In other words, his actions would lead one to believe that rules are made to be broken, or that they simply do not apply to him.

Many in the great state of Illinois, including our President-Elect Obama, have called on him to do the right thing for the people of that state and resign or step down.

Recently he spoke of a list of some 25 accomplishments he had achieved whilst in office and indicated that the public should judge him based on that.

There is a slim chance that the FBI charges against him will be dropped and that he will be vindicated, but that is highly unlikely, given all that we know of the situation thus far.

He should perhaps look at my own former Governor Spitzer who recognized immediately what needed to be done once he had compromised the ethics of his office and thus his constituents.

To compound the issue, Blagojevich yesterday named Obama's successsor to the senate - I have nothing against this man. Indeed, from all news accounts, he seems to be a worthy successor. That is not the issue. This Governor has lost the right to make decisions on behalf of the people of Illinois and should cease and desist immediately!


LMA said...


This whole situation has ticked me off, sad to say it didn't exactly surprise me, but still ticked me off. Blagojevich seems to think he didn't do anything wrong! How can anyone be that deluded? Well, Happy New Year to you..

smithtrek said...

Mr.Bigheadevich seems to have a bit of a pride issue. What else would cause one to think that they are above the law? Whenever this kind of think happens I always wonder about the person's upbringing. Because if I were his mother, right now I would be thinking "where did I go wrong?"