Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Missing friends....

I am so very thankful for "free" long distance - that is, long distance that is one flat fee, all bundled together - in my case, I traded Cricket - not available where I live currently - for Sprint - the simply everything plan - I love texting my kids, checking email, calling friends all over the country.

I spoke today with Gayle - she lives in Utah - our second call in as many days - my heart still belongs there, I miss my former home of some 7 years. Gayle is the first friend I met in Utah and one of the last I saw on my visit there last spring.

Today we spoke of missing each other, as we often do - Gayle and I are in sync - not sure why or how, but we are - like sisters. She is over 30 years older and one of my closest and dearest friends - I am blessed with many close and dear friends. Gayle is a woman ahead of her time - working when a woman was "supposed" to stay home. Forming clubs for other Navy wives whilst stationed all over the world with her sweet husband, Arnie. Volunteering in the community. Gayle has pretty much done everything and lives her life each day wanting to do even more. I love her.

We spoke of a sandwich she was fixing and she wished I were there to eat one with her. There is something about having someone fix food for you - it just plain tastes better.

I will head out to Utah in the spring, to visit Ry - my oldest son, friends and especially, to sit at Gayle's kitchen table and qwetch.

God bless friends

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