Saturday, December 13, 2008

Obama's homeland chief to tackle disaster housing

I was excited to see this story on AOL news today.

After the Katrina fiasco, we have learned not to expect the government to be there for us with FEMA assistance in a disaster. We can, however rely on such organizations as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, American Red Cross, United Way and others to see to it that food and other needed items are on the ground within hours of a disaster striking. Indeed, the American Red Cross and LDS Church both endorse the idea of a 72 hour emergency needs kit. It will take an average of 72 hours for help to arrive in the event of a disaster, hence the kit. The kit should contain life-saving medications, prescription and not, food, clothing, water, if possible and other items that one might need.

Obama's foresight is amazing - Janet Napolitano is a remarkable woman. I watched her career blossom whilst working in the Salt Lake City Mayor's office - she was a westerner as was I. Both formidable women, working in high-powered careers - okay, hers was a tad more high-profile than mine, but you get the point.....

Obama has picked in Napolitano, a woman who is driven, sees needs, meets them and has an amazing resume to prove that she is more than capable of seeing that the American public can again rely on their government in times of crisis - whether foreign or domestic.

God bless Obama and his almost complete administration team.

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