Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Obama's new education secretary

Okay, okay - so I didn't get my wish: I really wanted Colin Powell to return to an administrative/cabinet position but it was not to be.

Obama has just appointed Arne Duncan to this coveted post.

According to news reports: "The incoming Education Secretary is a 44-year-old Harvard graduate and basketball player, who once played professionally in Australia. He has a track record of raising student performance in the tough environment of Chicago schools and is an advocate of higher pay for teachers, as well as pushing them harder."

Mr Obama declared that failing to improve classroom instruction is "morally unacceptable for our children". Mr Duncan said education was "the civil rights issue of our generation".

As my regular readers and friends know, education, or the reform thereof is something with which I concern myself greatly. All parents should be concerned with the abyssmal state of education in our great country. It is simply not acceptable that the standards of achievement in inner city and poor school districts continue to drop, except in the cases of exceptional leadership with great superintendents and principals, not to mention in tune teachers.

Our children deserve more, to coin a phrase used by the Utah Education Association. Let's pray that they finally get it, regardless of the size of their household income.

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