Saturday, December 13, 2008

One in ten families who own a home are now in some form of distress

This tagline is according to a statement by President Elect Obama.

According to CNN -- President-elect Barack Obama has chosen Shaun Donovan, New York City's former housing commissioner, to be his secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

Trained as an architect and with experience as the New York City commissioner of housing preservation and development, he brings with him a unique blend of hands-on experience. He also worked at HUD under the Clinton administration.

The players are almost all assembled. The Obama team just gets better and better. I am personally anxiously awaiting the choice for Education Secretary - Colin Powell or Caroline Kennedy are my picks.

I pray for relief for homeowners - that the Obama team will figure out a way to assist them in their plight and save them from the perils of foreclosure. I also pray for the Obama's that they will find a place to transition so that their beautiful girls, Sasha and Malia are able to start school on time with their new friends - transition is so very difficult for children - surely someone can come up with a solution that is agreeable and workable for all?

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