Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Republican Saxby Chambliss wins Georgia runoff - no supermajority for Dems

Maybe Sarah Palin and John McCain have found a new raison d'etre: They are clearly very good at stumping for others - they just couldn't seem to get themselves elected.

According to the Washington Post this morning, Saxby Chambliss beat his opponent in the runoff - and by quite a margin. Chambliss has 58% of the vote vs. Martin's 42% with 97% of precincts reporting. The country now awaits the fate of the Minnesota recount. It should be interesting.

Democrats around the country, elected and not, had hoped for a supermajority. Frankly, I think that having a Democratic Senate and White House is more than enough of a majority to get things done in a bi-partisan manner. According to the Washington Post article, "You have delivered a message that a balance of government in Washington is necessary," is what he stated at his victory speech.

Speaking of which: One of the reasons he was such a popular Governor, George W. Bush was a master at bipartisanship whilst Governor of Texas - would that he had remained so when he finally came to Washington.

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