Saturday, December 13, 2008

Why the automakers should succeed in their efforts, but need to learn something first

I have been mulling over the vote on this for about 24 hours. Still not entirely surprised at the outcome.

All congress is asking for is that the UAW members take a pay cut for 2 years until things are stable with The Big Three again. A small sacrifice to make given the alternative. I recognize that earning $70+ an hour versus $40 an hour will be difficult, but if they don't accept the deal, they will find themselves unemployed and when they finally find jobs - the line workers, that is - they will be earning more like $10-$15 an hour if they are lucky. They are skilled workers and deserve to be compensated, but during this trying financial time, it would behoove them to swallow their pride, perhaps take on a second job, as are many in the country in our present circumstance and just do what congress is asking - it is surely not an unreasonable request.

Americans are tightening their belts and living within their means for the first time in decades. We are sacrificing, working part time, underemployed, working below our skillsets and abilities, foregoing bonuses, from the smallest to the largest dollars amounts - all for the greater good - taking care of ourselves and our families. We can do this if we work together. Sure, it won't be easy, but look at Rose the Riveter "We can do it."

I wonder what Mitt Romney and Lee Iacocca are thinking about this debacle.

Any ideas out there?

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