Sunday, January 4, 2009

Andrea Moore-Emmett - femme extraordinaire goes to Washington to THE inauguration

Andrea Moore-Emmett is a woman I am honored to call friend and mentor.

For many years, she has been an advocate for women who are stuck in the quagmire that is present-day polygamy. Her book, "God's Brothel" chronicles the lives of some 18 women dealing with the fallout of living the principle of polygamy. Following is an excerpt of her bio.

"Andrea Moore-Emmett is the author of God's Brothel, The Extortion of Sex For Salvation in Contemporary Mormon and Christian Fundamentalist Polygamy and the Stories of 18 Women Who Escaped. She was the researcher for the A&E documentary, Inside Polygamy, which also aired on the BBC. As a journalist, she has been the recipient of five awards from the Society of Professional Journalists, Utah Headliners Chapter, including the Don Baker investigative Journalism Award. She was also awarded a Women in Communications Leading Changes Award. Moore-Emmett served as Utah NOW President, a member of the Salt Lake Mayor's Commission: Bridging the Religious Divide and is a Tapestry Against Polygamy Board Member."

I met Andrea some years ago when I was serving as co-chair of the Salt Lake City Mayor's commission on Bridging the Religious Divide. I found Andrea to be bright, insightful, articulate and very intelligent.

I have stayed in touch with Andrea since we both left "Zion" and since we are both former members of the LDS Church, and divorcees with sons, we have much in common.

I was thrilled when I called her this week and she shared with me that Harry Reid D-Nevada had asked an associate of hers to to attend the inauguration witha group of women advocates against polygamy (Andrea is included in the group of 4), in order to bring to the President's attention to the plight of those suffering under polygamy.

I can't wait to hear the you-were-there details of her two days in Washington.

Go Andrea!

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