Saturday, January 10, 2009

The case of the purloined kidney

It seems that a physician is having second thoughts over donating a kidney to his spouse. She committed adultery and "humiliated him as a man and as a person."

I too have known the pain and humiliation accompanied with adultery, but that does not mean I wish ill on my former spouse.

Some years ago, a friend was donating her kidney to an ailing family member - this decision sparked such controversy within the family - (they were worried that she might die) - and the family was literally divided down the middle on two sides.

There is much to be said for anonymous organ donation and I think that this story illustrates the wisdom in not knowing where an organ is coming from.

This physician who has been scorned has asked for his wife to return the kidney or pay him the equivalent of replacement cost for the organ - over a million dollars - as if.

This raises serious ethical concerns and the AMA should work swiftly to pass legislation within their powers or certainly guidelines, to ensure that such actions do not take place in the future. We do not allow selling of organs in this country, so how is this physician putting a dollar amount on his kidney and what price list is he using?

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