Thursday, January 22, 2009

Change is coming to Washington

I love the change that comes to an office with a new administration.

As a former political appointee, I served one mayor of a US city for over 5 years - 2/3 of his 8 year term in office.

I would often hear the grumblings of city employees and other staffers when changes came and executive orders were announced. They had been used to doing things "the old way". I love change and thrive on it. I welcome it in my personal, professional and even political life.

President Obama has ordered that Guantanamo be closed - granted, it might take a while for this to take place, but on his first full day in office, he is setting the precedent for what will transpire during his presidency - a transparent one.

He has also frozen salaries, instituted ethics rules, and will be reviewing his recovery plan which is advancing through the House. He has tasked Madame Secretary Clinton to step up US diplomatic efforts - she was unanimously confirmed yesterday with only 2 dissenting votes. He also managed to squeeze in time to retake the oath of office.

He will now devote his second full day to foreign affairs. Mrs Clinton has her hands full and is clearly up to the task.

Let us pray for our new administration and ask ourselves again - what we can do to aid our country.

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