Friday, January 16, 2009

Even in Republican Utah, Bush presidency rated lackluster, poor

That is the headline to a Salt Lake Tribune article I read today:

Having lived in Utah as on "Outsider" and a Democrat for over 7 years, this story did not surprise me altogether.

Here is the link: - As always, I encourage you to read the entire story - I know what you are thinking: Why on earth does a person in New York read the Salt Lake papers? I am still very much connected to Utah - one cannot live in a place and make ties and connections for as long as I did without still being close.

I am at present working as a consultant on a campaign to unseat the most Republican of all Democrats - Jim Matheson. The opponent is a feisty and remarkable man - all things being equal, he would still be in the military, but he is gay and that just doesn't play well in the Army at times.

Gary Barkley ( is the website should you care to visit) is fast becoming one of my few most-admired Utah men. His wisdom, intellect, tenacity and vision are phenomenal and I do not use those superlatives lightly. We visit via phone and email daily - not an easy feat, given the two hour time difference. He has served his country and now wants the opportunity to serve the people of the great state of Utah.

God bless Utah and God bless Gary - we need a few more good men such as he.

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