Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Kennedy missteps might not trip her up

Caroline Kennedy seems to be enduring the public media scrutiny well these days. She is learning about how fickle and difficult the press and public can be. Following is the link to an AOL news article posted today:


Mrs. Kennedy is learning in much the same way that Mrs. Clinton learned when she tried to sidestep her fellow New Yorkers, my own representative, Nita Lowey was among those vying for the seat that is now held by Hillary Clinton back in 2000.

Here is a Wikipedia paragraph about one of my most-admired NY women: "Lowey strongly considered running for the United States Senate in 2000, but stepped aside when First Lady of the United States Hillary Rodham Clinton announced her candidacy. Congresswoman Lowey was considered a top contender for appointment to Clinton's Senate seat after Clinton was nominated to be Secretary of State, but in a December 1st, 2008 phone interview with the Associated Press, she stated that she isn't interested in giving up her seniority seat on the House Appropriations Committee.[1]"

As you can see, Lowey has now been in this Hillary/Nita friendly skirmish twice. Ms. Lowey has decided not to run or make overtures for Senator Clinton's seat even though she stood a strong chance at winning it.

Caroline Kennedy now comes to the game late. That stated, at least she has been a resident of NY State proper for some years, and did not simply show up here, purchase a home, announce that she is running and expect all kinds of consideration as the former First Lady.

I really wish that Governor Patterson would appoint an interim person and let the chips fall where they may - that is, Caroline et al can campaign for a year and run for office properly in 2010.

I was recently at an open house and an attorney and I were discussing the general election. He spoke of "taking turns" and felt that Obama had stepped ahead of too many people. Nothing is promised or guaranteed in this life - the early bird gets the worm, no matter how long the other birds have been waiting for it.

Obama got the worm because he ran a phenomenal campaign and was well-prepared to address the needs and concerns of voters - I know this because I spent hours on the phone talking to voters in swing states - yes, I said swing states - I am sure you all recall how well he did in those states.

Had Obama lost that election to McCain, I cannot imagine him suing for a recount a la Coleman in Minnesota.

When will it end?

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