Thursday, January 1, 2009

On fast track for clemency via the Oval office

I am the queen of projects. At any given time, I tend to have a few of them cooking.

At present, I am working on a project to get clemency for someone who is incarcerated and serving a 6 year sentence for a robbery.

The tagline for this post comes from the NY Times this morning. It would appear that some people are using their "political" connections to get access directly to the White House, instead of going through the Justice Department as protocol would dictate.

As a former political appointee, I realize how power works and quite well. I recall the mother whose son had a drunken melee outside a Salt Lake City night club and received some minor injuries. I do not recall all the details, but what I do know is that the mother was friends with the mayor. I was tasked to work with the police department to ensure that all efforts were being made appropriately on behalf of Brock, the son. I performed my job accordingly and the mayor was pleased with the outcome - the mother's requests to see that justice was served were honored and all were happy.

In the NY Times story, friends of governors and the like are circumventing the lay person's process and going directly via the White House. This is unfortunate, as there are some circa 2200 cases pending for review with the Justice Department. These individuals will likely not get their appeals heard before the changing of the guard at the White House.

Where have I heard again that God is not a respector of persons and that in America, all men are created (treated) equal?

Happy New Year!

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