Friday, March 20, 2009

Former AIG head denies he started executive bonuses

It is beginning to sound like a game of "Who's on First?" I have no idea when that show started - I have never seen it, but in my 20 years of living in America, have had it quoted to me enough that I know vaguely how it works........enough said. I think you get the point.

"I started it - no - he did - no - she did - no you did!" Is this a squabble between preschoolers? No, these would be AIG employees, former and present, who are trying desperately to distance themselves from the bonus debacle that has Americans from all socioeconomic groups outraged, to say the very least.

The entirety of the story can be read here:

Again, let me refresh your memories, dear readers - AIG received millions of dollars ($173 billion to be precise) in federal funds for a bailout - they were, we were told, too large to fail - and now we hear that those who essentially ran the company into the ground did not only that, but managed to get some $160+ million in bonuses - all this for "doing a heckuva job" - where have I heard that before?

I hate to sound like a scratched record, but as a taxpayer and part owner of AIG, I want those bonuses paid back - all of them - in their entirety and sooner rather than later and I really don't care how we go about doing it. If there are no laws in place to address such grievances, then let the Attorney General Eric Holder see about getting some written and forthwith! Am I angry about this? I can't remember the last time I was so heated about an issue I was blogging about.

Is it time to bring Eliot Spitzer back? He originally brought the misdeeds of AIG executives to light before his call girl shenanigans.

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