Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Obama's get up close and personal in D.C.

This posted on AOL earlier today: Could It Really Be Him? Yeah, Probably
"The Obamas’ out-and-about style has Washington, D.C., residents asking each other: Have you bumped into your president and first lady yet?"

Can you imagine such a thing? You are out at a basketball game and see the President sipping a beer during half time - you are out dining and find the First Couple entering your favorite restaurant - you are at the ballet or theater and find the First Family enjoying an evening of ballet or the Alvin Ailey dancers. For years, the First Family has lived behind a shroud - even the gregarious Clintons were not as outgoing as the Obamas - that is what makes this story so likeable.

We are in the midst of a world economic crisis, fighting two wars, unemployment is at a 26 year high and still the First Family finds time to get out into their neighborhood.

I read the story and was reminded again of why I relate with this couple so well. Whenever I move, that's one of the first things I do - find a favorite coffee place, restaurant, theater - get out and meet my neighbors - that is exactly what they are doing - we should all be proud that they are setting an example for the rest of us - we are surely in a quagmire, but we will not always be - when the good times roll again - we will be thankful for our local coffee shops, restaurants, friends to hang out with (whom we have hopefully not forsaken during these times of hardship anyway). The Obamas have what we all should be striving for - life balance.

Here is the link to the story - happy reading:

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