Friday, March 20, 2009

Obamas plant organic garden

It was in days gone by - the Victory Garden from World War II. The First Lady, Michelle Obama and her children, along with students from a local elementary school planted an organic garden at the White House.

What a wonderful role model and example for the nation to follow.

We are in difficult times economically and financially - planting organic gardens and community gardens is one way to bridge the gap between income and outgo for many families. This is a way for families and neighbors to come together - to help one another, to get to know each other and to draw closer as we work together to help the country climb out of this quagmire.

The story can be read in its entirety on CNN today. Here is the link:

I love the concept of doing as I do and not just as I say.


rt. said...

mmm. kool-aid good.

Fred4Pres said...

(Barak Obama overheard in the Oval Office): "Michelle - you know I am like the Special Olympics when it comes to gardening. Let's get some re-tards from over there to help!"

Joe said...

I admire the first family's willingness to set a positive example particularly for kids! Good for Michelle! It's refreshing to see again a first family that is down to earth and leading again!

Annette James Daley said...

Fred, please keep your comments appropriate.