Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Violence among men

On a day when President Obama has introduced a council on women and girls, we reflect on the recent shootings that have taken place around the globe - Students massacred in their high school in Germany, British soldiers, senselessly murdered by IRA terrorists, the minister shot before his beloved flock in Illinois over the weekend, and the unspeakable mass shooting in Alabama yesterday where at least one small child was killed and another awaits serious surgery to remove a bullet from near an artery according to news reports.

These shootings took place all over the world and yet they were all perpetrated by men. Why are men more prone to kill so violently and so many at one time?

We should call for a day of prayer where we can abstain from the senseless violence that has overpowered the world - we need peace at a time when we celebrate the one who brought peace - Easter and Passover being the holiest of holidays for so many of us. Easter vigils and Passover Seders are going to be held in upcoming weeks and we would all do well to remember how fortunate we are to be alive in this frenetic world in which we live.

Comments are welcome - particularly from men who have strong opinions on what I have written.

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