Thursday, April 2, 2009

Democratic leader tempers expectations for 2010

In light of the extremely close Gillibrand replacement race here in New York, I thought you might find this piece interesting:

The story posted about 4 hours ago on the AP wires - here is an excerpt: "WASHINGTON -Liberal groups targeting moderate congressional Democrats should "beware of forming a circular firing squad" that could hurt the party in 2010 elections, says the head of Democrats' House campaign efforts."

The Democratic party can be its own worst enemy at times, and now is not the time to be such. Some would call me liberal, but I have always maintained that I am progressive - in much the same way as the Savior was - I am not comparing myself to him, just making the point.

It would be sad for the Democrats to lose all the gains that we have made for the sake of attacking our own party from within all to gain seats for more liberal individuals. Even President Obama has become a more centrist figure - he has recognized that one has to govern from the center as a President in order to accomplish ones goals.

I am worried for next year - you should be too.

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