Wednesday, April 8, 2009

In your face consumption is so 2007

I read this story on CNN Money last evening.

I was encouraged to learn that the ueber spending and consumerism of the last decade is no longer "du jour".

I must admit, that with my decent-paying job, I too, fell prey to the idea of spending and purchased quite the wardrobe - the difference with me is hardly any of my clothing is name brand, and most of it comes via TJ Maxx or other discount stores and is always bought on sale.

I purchased the top of the line Mazda - a Mazda 6, complete with "Triptic" - that is the option to feel like one is driving a stick shift which is actually my preferred method of driving........It had a 6 disk CD changer and was loaded with everything but a sun roof and leather interior. You can be sure my son loved driving it too. Zoom Zoom!

I digress......the article speaks of the wife of the former CEO of the now defunct Leman Brothers.....allegedly, she went shopping at Hermes (I have never been in any stores at that level, so I have no reference point, but do see the bags when I am on the UWS and UES in the city on occasion). She had her purchases put into a simple white bag, so as not to draw attention to herself. Interesting choice.

Here is the link to the article. I think you will find it insightful:

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