Friday, April 10, 2009

Island DIY: Kauai residents don't wait for state to repair road

I am a proud Democrat - have been since I was born and raised in the home of two parents who are also proud Democrats.

I am not a believer in big government, contrary to the mainstream Democrats. I believe that people should help themselves - as in, neighbors and family - helping each other out whenever possible. That could be a church family, blood relatives, a family of neighbors or a group of friends.

On the island of Kauai, residents grew weary of waiting for the government to come and fix a road that needed to be repaired. This road was key to the survival of the livelihood of many neighbors. Machinery, steel and tools were donated and the neighbors set about getting done what needed to be done. The state government did not have the money, but they were not willing to sit and cry in their proverbial beer - oh no! They got together and fixed the road themselves.

The story is short - please take a look:

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