Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mitt Romney dumping his real estate - does he really think the American people are THAT stupid?

Real estate » The former Massachusetts's governor also plans to sell his Boston house.
By Paul Foy

The Associated PressSalt Lake Tribune

Updated:04/08/2009 07:00:36 PM MDT

Race-car driver and money manager Hal Prewitt bought Mitt Romney's ski house at Deer Valley Resort for "a little less" than the asking price of $5.25 million, his agent said Tuesday.
"It's beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous, very tastefully and artfully decorated," Prewitt, 54, of Miami Beach, said Tuesday from the 9,500-square-foot house. "He wanted to sell and I wanted to buy, so it wasn't difficult to come to an agreement."

Romney also has a tentative buyer for his suburban Boston house, his spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom said Tuesday. The 6,400-square-foot Colonial on 2.5 acres in Belmont is expected to fetch about $3 million.

The Romneys plan to keep a $10 million summer home on the shore of Lake Winnipesaukee in Wolfeboro, N.H., and a $12 million beachfront compound in La Jolla, Calif.
The sale of the Utah and Boston homes has been described by political analysts as a way for Romney to prepare for another presidential race without having to explain why he owns excess real estate -- the issue that brought ridicule on rival Republican candidate John McCain last fall.
Fehrnstrom has said Romney and his wife, who raised five sons in Boston, are simply "downsizing and simplifying."

Prewitt said he was happy to buy the Utah house from Romney on March 27. He moved in the next day, ending an eight-year search for a perfect vacation home near a Rocky Mountain ski resort.

"I love it. It's fantastic," he said. "We'll use it as a launching pad for winter recreation."
He described negotiations with Romney as cordial and said Romney knew exactly how much real estate was worth in the Park City area.

His real-estate agent, Carlyle Morris, said nothing mattered more to Prewitt than a place with views, privacy and a prime location.

"We showed him a lot of other places, but if he could see a rooftop [of another house], he didn't like it," Morris said.

The Romney house, on a dead-end street, fit the bill. It was on market for about two months.
Prewitt on Tuesday was busy updating the home electronics for high-definition television and wireless Internet. He'll be able to manipulate video and audio controls using an iPhone, he said."

Does Mitt Romney - the darling of the Mormon church and the Republican Party really think we are THAT stupid, that naive, that forgetful? Even were he to become the heir apparent for the next general election, we all remember that he owns several homes dotted around the country's landscape. Let us not forget, some in Utah thought he might run for governor of that state based on his owning a piece of real estate - where have I heard that before? Let's see - ahhhh - yes - that would be Madame Secretary Clinton.

I say enough already - give the American public a little credit and let us decide for ourselves who we want to represent us in 2012. I have a suspicion it will not be an ueber wealthy white man who does not represent us and our opinions.

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