Friday, April 3, 2009

Vermont lawmakers give ok to gay marriage

It is unprecedented - historic - a day for rejoicing and celebration for all GLBT, progressives and allies across the country.

As a writer, I try really hard to be objective, but this decision takes on personal significance for me. My regular readers and friends know that I was married for 15 years to a person who was gay - we remain close friends, but the bottom line is simple: Had gay marriage been an option, we likely would not have spent 15 years spinning our proverbial wheels, trying to fit a square peg into a round hole - no pun intended. I have so many friends and associates who are gay and have become an ally for GLBT causes.

I was recently encouraged to see Mayor Bloomberg endorse gay marriage again. I hope to attend a day of lobbying in Albany in April to address GLBT issues and the gay marriage issue as well.

Here is an excerpt of the article that rang true to me - it is why I ultimately, and with deep sadness, had to make the painful decision to leave my religion (The Mormon/LDS Church) of some 20 plus years: "Opponents of the measure spoke of their respect for its advocates. One, Rep. Albert "Sonny" Audette, expressed sadness at having concluded he was required by his church to vote no.

"I am a devout Catholic," Audette said. "My religion at this point would not want me to vote for this. I wish that I could and I hope for the best and I congratulate the people who are trying to get this through."

What would Jesus do in a case like this? What would he have done about slavery, or the Nazi occupation, or the Rwanda genocide or the massacre in Darfur?

This is a civil rights issue and again, equal means everyone - when one of us is marginalized, we are all lesser people.

Here is the link to the entire story as posted on USA Today:

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