Thursday, May 28, 2009

Father Oprah Episcopal

I wrote earlier this month about the struggle of Father Cutie of Florida. He is in love with a woman and yet at the same time, a Roman Catholic Priest. Pictures surfaced of the two of them frolicking on a beach together, clearly a couple in love.

He took a step back and time to regroup and think about what he wanted to do with his life. He indicated that he had long struggled with celibacy and needed to speak with his priest about the situation.

Today the news came that he has decided to join the Episcopal church - what a huge blessing. Earlier this month in the post, I wrote of my own Father Joe, a former celibate Catholic Priest who left the priesthood after finding a woman he fell in love with.

Father Cutie has my prayers as he makes this transition - he will likely continue to be an excellent priest, just in another fashion.

Here is the link to the story that broke only minutes ago. It is surely a day for celebration:

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