Sunday, May 31, 2009

First couple's NY date - a campaign promise kept

The President and First Lady were out on the town in my favorite city last evening. I too was on the town, but not with them. I was at the Metropolitan Museum, where Michelle Obama had been recently. I don't travel in those circles, but I must admit - I am more likely to frequent a place if I know that it has been visited by this amazing power couple. They have excellent taste in restaurants and culture. They took in a meal in the Village and a play, like many other couples all across America do over the weekend.

There is some consternation from the powers that be at the Republican Party over what this must have cost the taxpayers. Perhaps they forget that President Bush went home to Crawford, Texas, his ranch and sanctuary any chance he got - the Obama's by contrast - have returned to Chicago once since the inauguration. Many couples from NYC and DC go back and forth to enjoy a weekend in the other city respectively.

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