Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Former NYPD commissioner Kerik indicted

I admit, I had a touch of Schadenfreude when reading this post that appeared late last night on CNN mobile.

Mr. Kerik had been tapped by former President Bush to be head of Homeland Security. Unfortunately, he had some nebulous dealings with a contractor to the tune of some $200,000+ in renovations to an apartment he owned in Riverdale, an upscale area in New York's Bronx bourough. He wanted to allegedly receive favoritism from the contractors in exchange for work to be performed on the dime of NYC taxpayers.

This story is disturbing on many levels. Only yesterday, I spoke with a friend of the mentality (in general, and in my personal and professional dealings with them) of police officers - give a person a gun and a badge and that person will quickly become used to getting immediate gratification, whether from a suspect in a crime, a subordinate, a family member or, in this case, a city contractor.

There is a reason why certain personalities are drawn to the law enforcement professional. I actually had a NYC police officer try to persuade me to date him because I "owed it to him" since he puts his life on the line to "protect me". As if!

As long as issues continue to arise vis-a-vis police brutality with the advent of mobile phone cameras, Rodney King incidents will become more accessible and deliverable to the general public via mass media and I will continue to distrust police officers in general - I like them, but I don't have to date them!

The jury is out on the personality and integrity of Kerik.

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