Thursday, May 28, 2009

MoveOn's Top 10 Things about Judge Sotomayor

I was thrilled to hear of Obama's choice for the next Supreme Court justice. I was hoping for a fair-minded person, one with real-world experience, the best person for the job - to have all that and it be a woman and a Latina - wow and wow again! has long been the champion of all things left of center. While Judge Sotomayor can hardly be called liberal, she is definitely not conservative and appears to have a social justice approach to her rulings. I am sharing their list of 10 things to know about Ms. Sotomayor at the end of this post.

As a native New Yorker, I am particularly excited to see that Ms. Sotomayor was raised in the Bronx by a single mum - I know a little about this - she is also from Puerto Rico, one of our top allies and defied the odds being raised in the "projects" to propel herself to Princeton and later went on to write the Law journal at Yale.

I share this list of top 10 things to know about her so that you can speak intelligently with your friends on both sides of the aisle about this remarkable choice of a nominee.

She has my vote, and I love the fact that she was appointed by GW Bush Junior and ratified by his people - gotta love that irony. They liked her then and are trying not to like her now.

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