Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Albany shenanigans - Republicans regain control of New York State Senate

I could barely believe my ears as I heard the story that broke in the wee hours.

Two rengegade Democrats had apparently been meeting with Republicans in recent weeks. The result of those meetings was a dramatic showdown in Albany in the wee hours of the morning (at least, that is when I heard of the story breaking).

Governor Paterson has expressed utter disgust at his fellow Democrats, both of whom have allegedly been in difficulty with law enforcement of late.

I was in Albany for lobbying purposes recently on Equality and Justice Day, and had occasion to hear Governor Paterson speak for the first time in person - he was speaking on marriage equality and equal rights. I was most impressed with his kind manner, wisdom and intellect.

Now, due to the selfishness of these two individuals, the Democrats have lost their majority standing in Albany and we will be fighting even harder for gay marriage, school issues and gun control issues.

At least, these men should be censured, and at worst, they should be ejected from the Democratic party - shame on them!

We all know exactly how Eliot Spitzer would have handled this issue.

Will Governor Paterson follow suit?

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