Friday, June 26, 2009

Farewell to the King of Pop

For my regular readers, you are well aware of my love of all things technical, including my new mobile device. It is from Sprint and is pink with flowers - a far cry from the other mobile devices and telephones I have used in the past - I can't help it - I love being a girl!

I was at lunch with a couple of friends yesterday and we had the usual discussion around work, family, gay issues and religion - great wine and conversation to be sure.

I came home and opted not to turn the computer on, instead fixing a supper of pasta salad and some really good wine. How is it that I am so connected and yet unconnected at times? Suffice it to say, I did not get the news of the King's passing from my mobile device, but from across the pond.

The call came from my sister in England - Michael Jackson was dead. How could this be? He was only 50 years old. She spoke with my mum - visibly upset and very teary. My 4 sisters and I grew up listening to the Jackson 5 - the Osmonds were peripheral, but the Jacksons were a HUGE influence on our family - from the music, to the clothes, to the fact that they were 5 siblings growing up together.

It would appear that not only was his death untimely, the cardiac arrest might have come about due to abuse of prescriptions according to his attorney and close family friend. It is a sad time for all of us - he was to begin a 50 locatino concert tour next month.

Farewell, Michael - you will be missed


smithtrek said...

I watched his memorial service on TV today. Usually, I do not spend so much time in front of the TV (two hours!) but I made an exception in this case, mostly because I was really enjoying the music. I also enjoyed clips and photos of him when he was a little boy.

Annette James Daley said...

It is a sad loss for the world - he would be alive today but for his addictions and demons. Oh well.