Thursday, June 11, 2009

GLBT town hall meeting in Westchester

I attended this event last evening for the first time since relocating to Westchester a year and a half ago.

I was happy to see that I recognized a few familiar faces, particularly those whom I had met at Equality and Fairness Day in Albany - a day set aside for GLBT and Allies to lobby.

The evening was amazing - Andrew Spano, the County Executive was there - he spoke of the work of creating the office of GLBT affairs and indicated that he had received no calls or static for doing so. He seems to be a decent man, his large budget notwithstanding.

There were tears and frustration at the open mike as people discussed being able to have domestic partner benefits - what would happen now that the Democrats no longer have a majority in the Senate - would gay marriage ultimately prevail in NY?

I think that the time is coming for NY to recognize this is a civil rights issue, as Governor Paterson so eloquently stated on that day in Albany a few weeks ago - it was at one time appropriate to discriminate against blacks and women and now it is gays - time to stop already!

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