Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kennedy health plan includes long term health care

Senator Edward Kennedy is loved and derided at the same time. He is truly one who people love to hate. I happen to not be a fan of his personal follies, but that does not impact his abilities to adequately represent his state as a Senator.

His recent coup with finding a solution to the healthcare crisis (600 pages long) is the piece de la resistance - indeed, it might even just be the coup de grace in a long and distinguished career in the Senate. He is, after all, too sick to preside over the meetings that are on tap in order to consider his proposal.

He has cleverly and with great forethought, managed to include long term health care in the provision - in other words - since he has been diagnosed with cancer, he is more aware of the limitations placed on individuals with disabilities vis-a-vis healthcare and freedom of choice.

I applaud Ted Kennedy for his ambitious efforts to bring some semblance of normalcy to this country's ridiculously beaureaucratic and even cumbersome health insurance.

Here is the link to the story as posted on the AP only moments ago:

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