Monday, June 1, 2009

Life balance - "Obama takes it slow before upcoming busy week"

This story posted last evening on the AP.

For over 5 and a half years, I was a political appointee to the mayor of Salt Lake City, Utah. I can honestly say that the two of us had NO work life balance, as did others on the staff. We were both workaholics and spent untold hours in the office - me some 60 hours a week - he frequently upwards of 100 hours. The mayor confided in me that he wished he were married - that would have surely eased his burden.

President Obama is a remarkable man with enormous challenges ahead of him. What I like about him is his commitment to his country, his family, and above all, his wife, as evidenced by his keeping his campaign promise to her this weekend as they came to NYC for dinner and a play.

Here is the article: Obama takes it slow before upcoming busy week
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WASHINGTON -It was a leisurely weekend for President Barack Obama, whose schedule is about to kick into high gear for domestic and overseas business.
Obama played a full round of golf on Sunday at Fort Belvoir, Va., where he stayed for about five hours. It was his fourth golf outing in about five weeks. The president and first lady Michelle Obama on Saturday watched their daughter's soccer game in the morning and then flew to New York for a late-night date.
But it's all back to business on Monday, when Obama plans to deliver an address about the auto industry. The following day he begins a five-day journey to Europe and the Mideast.

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