Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Murder in Kansas

I could not write about the murder of Dr. Tillman yesterday. I was in shock.

Today, after some time to reflect, I will attempt to articulate my feelings on this latest senseless slaying of someone for simply doing their job and protecting and upholding a woman's right to choose - as provided for in the constitution.

Dr. Tillman has been the recipient of several attacks, including being shot in both arms, and having his clinic blown up. Attorney General Holder has order increased protection at certain abortion clinics. What a sad, sad thing.

A church is a sanctuary, a place of peace, harmony and tranquility. To murder a person in cold blood in a church with their family nearby (I assume, given that he had a wife and 4 children, one would think that at least one family member was likely in church with him that fateful day).

I encourage all of you, men and women, to make a contribution to Planned Parenthood in the name of Dr. Tillman. Pray for the board members and staff at Planned Parenthood offices across this great nation that they will be protected. I know personally of a Planned Parenthood Executive Director and board member. They are both phenomenal women and I admire them greatly. Thanks Annabel and Melanie for all that you do.

Read this thought-provoking NY Times editorial and you will get a sense of where I stand on this issue. We need to do more to protect those on the front lines of the abortion issue.

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