Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Peace Corps to get a 9% budget increase

Some of the finest people I know have served in the Peace Corps, Jacob, Lex and Ed. Suzanne is headed out this year and Christy is presently serving. They are preschool teachers, special ed teachers, managers, city planners and executive directors of neighborhood organizations respectively. They are phenomenal in their own right and I had the privilege of working with all of them whilst living in Utah.

Last evening, on Hardball MSNBC, I was happy to see an interview with Senator Andrea Stewart Cousins of New York - my senator. She is proposing a 9% increase in funding of this amazing program. It behooves our nation to be more service minded - this will also alleviate anxiety for those who have recently graduated college and have not firm job prospects lined up.

Serving in the Peace Corps is an honor, a calling, even destiny. Senator Cousins is a forward thinking and amazing politician - How is it that I always seem to get the best representation lately?

Happy Wednesday.

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