Friday, June 19, 2009

The prayer of the righteous in Iran

The "election" is about a week old in Iran and the government crackdown on its citizens, including trying to get them not to use Internet and other services, such as Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites is not working - hah!

I believe in the people of Iran - they have spoken and deserve to see their rightfully elected leader seated. I am sad for the 20 or so deaths that have taken place, as well as the students who have been detained.

This is big, folks - they are trying to quash the will of the people. It is backfiring - Irani citizens and naturalized Irani-Americans are taking to the streets in NYC and DC - they will not go quietly - nor should they. They are determined to see this through to the bitter end.

Governments should represent the people in a democracy - while Iran is in its infancy, a sweeping tide is taking place in that country.

Let us all pray with the people of Iran that their voices are heard and their votes are counted - remember Florida.

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