Saturday, June 6, 2009

Saturday at the Metropolitan

It was another wonderful day in the city. Saturday has become my favorite day of the week since I have the pleasure of being a brand new (2 months now) volunteer at the information desk in the European Paintings area of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The new American Wing was recently re-dedicated by the First Lady, Michelle Obama, and while staff were not allowed to be present, due to heightened security, I have in my possession the employee magazine that outlines the visit, complete with a beautiful and detailed photograph.

I met Mary and her friends from Orem and Pleasant Grove, Utah - they were traveling in a group of three and I was reminded of the goodness of Utahns - I lived among them for 7 years, good and bad experiences notwithstanding. I can always go back and visit, they said - which I plan to do in August.

I met Elizabeth, an amazing jewelry artist whose work is so intricate in design, I took her contact information in order to have a piece handmade and commissioned for my mother's birthday this year.

I met Jason, the massage therapist, on his way to visit "The Model as Muse" exhibit with his wife and some friends. They live in the suburbs of Albany and long to live in Manhattan. He is almost finished with school and his wife has an art history degree. Jason and I spoke of the absolute need for massage vs. traditional medicine - people would not run to the doctor for traditional western medications and treatments if their health insurance would pay for massage - it is a necessary part of one's wellbeing. It is my hope that, along with Chiropractic, massage therapy will be included in health insurance coverage, both private and the soon forthcoming national healthcare program.

That is one thing I miss about Utah, besides the mountains - my weekly massages at the Utah school of Massage Therapy. I was fortunate to live really closeby - I could go there, put my name down for a massage, return home or go out for breakfast/brunch and meet friends for a massage. Occasionally, they had 2 for 1 specials and Les and I would pair up and enjoy a massage.

I miss Les, and Jim, Dan and John, the other Jim - the Irish guy - they all know who they are. They are all at Pride this weekend - it is where I would be. I managed to serve on the board of the Utah Pride Center in spite of being on Mayor Anderson's staff - not quite sure how they worked around it, but I am glad they did. I loved being able to advocate for my GLBT friends.

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