Tuesday, June 9, 2009

TARP, Bank of America and Merrill Lynch

How ironic that today it was announced that JP Morgan Chase and a few other banks are in a strong enough position financially to begin repaying the aforementioned funds that helped them out when in a bind. Chase was able to acquire Washington Mutual, Merrill Lynch Bank of America and so on.....

I find it interesting that Bank of America card holders are now able to enter the Metropolitan Museum of Art for free now (a suggested donation for entrance is $20) and they are hosting Met Mondays - that is, on holidays when the museum is ordinarily closed, they sponsor the costs of keeping the museum open - at least that is my understanding.

My old tellers and branch managers from WAMU have made it through the merger with Chase and their jobs are intact, my friends at Merrill - not so lucky. At last count, Merrill Lynch had laid off some 30,000 staffers in order to become fiscally sound. Why then, are they spending what is essentially taxpayer money in order to let people get into the museum for free? Where is the oversight in this instance?

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